Coatings for metal packaging

Partnered with Watson Standard & Eason PCL you are assured that we can support your metal packaging businesses premium & value coating requirements, we also have the capabilities to support any specialised coating projects. Available in conventional (thermal bake) and energy curable (UV & EB) technologies.


Watson Standard

Watson Standard specialises in custom formulating conventional solvent-based, water-borne, ultra-violet (UV) and electron beam (EB) curable products for the Rigid Metal Packaging industry.  Our product offerings include a wide variety of interior and exterior coatings for 2 and 3 piece food cans, crowns and closures for bottles, 2 and 3 piece aerosol cans, collapsible metal tubes, general metal decorating and specialty coatings for beverage cans. Request more information



For over 25 years, Eason has been supplying coatings for interior & exterior application on Crown caps, ROPP, Screw caps, Lug caps and other closures for customers in Thailand. To this date, these products have also been supplied to customers in ASEAN and South Asia for many years. Eason coatings have conformed to U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and European Regulation (EC) compliance standards when product application has demanded. Request more information

Eason coatings are available in conventional cure for the following formats:

  • Crowns & Closures
  • 3 PCS – Food cans
  • 3 PCS – General line cans
  • 2 PCS cans
  • Tubes

UV Ink compatible

Our coatings: Sizing, white base coat and clear varnish formulations combine high performance for use with UV-cured inks provides the complete package: economics, performance, compliance and, most importantly, total customer satisfaction.

Ideal For...

  • Aerosol Bodies & Fittings
  • Aluminum Beverage Bottles
  • Closures: Twist, CT, PT, ROPP & Composite
  • Crowns or “Bottle Caps”
  • Collapsible Metal Tubes
  • Food Can Bodies & Ends
  • Specialty Metal Decorating and Containers
  • Tab Stock for Beverage Cans2 Piece

About Our Products


As production speeds and volumes are ever increasing our opponents are left behind and INX continues to forge ahead with new, advanced product technologies, systems and innovations.


After all, the package is the product! Almost meeting colour and brand identity specs won’t do. Meet or exceed your client’s expectations any time, every time with product consistency and product quality that is second to none!

Cost efficient

Cheaper doesn't equal cheap! Quite the opposite actually, INX inks have been able to yield up to 40% (sometimes more) more mileage than its competitors, add in more up time, less wash up, less spoilage and an overall higher quality finished product & it is easy to see why INX ink continues to dominate globally.

Visual impact

Ensure your products have an eye popping look that is just as good to the end user as it was when it left the production line, INX inks has properties that ensure they are able to withstand the rigors of fabrication, filling & distribution.